Add Someone to a Mortgage: An Age-Old Query

Refinancing Mortgage

No one knows when life can take turns. Due to this uncertainty, it’s essential to make a provision to add someone to a mortgage in the future. However, many homeowners are unclear as to how to add someone to a mortgage. Most people claim that it may not be possible to add someone in a mortgage. 

However, people have been misinformed because it’s totally possible to add someone. While you can add someone to a mortgage, you must know that you’ll have to refinance your loan, buy out a new mortgage with new terms, and terminate the previous one. 

How to Add Someone to a Mortgage?

Before delving down to our main discussion topic, it’s important to clarify the question ‘can you add someone to your mortgage?”. Yes, it’s totally possible. However, it isn’t a simple process, and you’ll have to refinance your mortgage since there has been an alteration in the original contract. 

Now coming to the main topic, you’ll have to contact your mortgage lender if you want to add someone to a mortgage that already exists. You’ll have to go through a similar process of filing a loan application and sending your borrower’s credit history profile. In case rejection, you can’t add someone to a mortgage. 

A refinance can allow you to add or remove a co-borrower from the mortgage. You’ll have to submit a new loan application for a refinance. Besides, you can even choose a new lender or go with your previous one. As a rule of thumb, it’s important to have at least 80% Loan-to-value ratio (LTV) for conventional loans and 5% LTV for FHA loans

Remortgaging to a Joint Mortgage

A joint mortgage is another policy whereby you can go into a mortgage with more than one person. If you’ve no contractual agreements with your current lender, then remortgaging can be a great option, and you can go for it. However, if you’ve fixed contractual agreements with your lender, you can’t go for a joint policy. 

In such a case, you’ll have to either refinance for a new loan or you can wait until your fixed-term agreement ends with your current lender. Joint mortgages are a great policy if you want to go for a loan with more than one person. 

How to Add a Spouse to a Mortgage

Firstly, both spouses have the right to the property, and it doesn’t really matter whose name appears on the property deed. Once a deed holder passes away, the property automatically transfers to the other spouse. Therefore, it confirms that it’s unnecessary to add spouses to mortgages because both have rights to the property. 

Another easy way is that you can add your spouse to the mortgage deed. It’s a great method because it doesn’t require the need to refinance the loan. You can add your spouse to the deed by just contacting your title company. Upon paying a certain small sum of money, you can add your spouse to the mortgages deed. 

Sometimes, people want to add their spouse to this loan. They’ll have to do so by following the process of refinancing and adding co-borrowers to the loan. Moreover, you can also avail yourself of the benefits of low-interest rates or monthly payments through refinancing. 


If you want to add someone to a mortgage it is a very contingent event. Like any other person, most people marry and subsequently want to add their spouse to the marriage. The refinance of the home embodies the life-partners to bear the huge obligation. Therefore, you must know how to add someone to a mortgage. 

Besides adding a spouse, you can even add someone else – may be your partner or tenants who share specific equity of the house. Nevertheless, if you are looking to apply for a mortgage, consider getting free quotes from RateChecker. 

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