Mortgage News Today; Rates Going Down

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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Since last year, mortgage rates have been dropping low due to COVID-19. However, experts are expecting the rates to increase in the future because of the resumption of businesses and reduction in the disease. Still, the rates are quite low, and compared with previous trends; they are lower. According to the bank rate, the rates for today are as follows:

· 30-year fixed mortgage rate: 3.020% for purchase and 3.100% for refinance

· 15-year fixed mortgage rate: 2.370% for purchase and 2.430% for refinance

· 5/1 ARM: 2.820% for purchase and 2.730% for refinance

· 30-year fixed-rate Jumbo: 3.030% for purchase and 3.110% for refinance


30-year fixed-rate

Since yesterday, there has been a decline of one basis point, and comparing it to last week; there is a decline of five basis points. There are several main reasons for the trend. While the inflation rate is going up, it would mean that the rate should also go up. However, the opposite is happening because experts believe that the inflation rate is temporary. 

Secondly, FEDS generally keep mortgage rates in line with 30-year treasury bonds. Since the bonds are generally trending at low rates, the mortgage rates are generally low. Mortgage rates are always higher than bonds because of the risk premium. Mortgages have high risks, which slightly raises their rate compared with bonds. 

The refinance rate for 30-year bonds is also down by four basis points. Therefore, it’s a good time for homeowners with exemplary credit scores to get a good deal on their mortgage. 

15-year fixed-rate

Since yesterday, there has been no change in the rate. However, there has been a decline of one basis point since last week. The only basic reason for this is that competition is high for this particular mortgage. For quite some time, 15-year mortgages have been flickering between the same rates. Lenders are competing and trying to keep the rate low. 

5/1 ARM

It’s a particular type of bond where you’ll make fixed payments for five years, after which you’ll make payments according to the prevailing rates. As of last week, there has been a drop of five basis points for this particular bond type. 5/1 ARM is best for individuals who want to sell or refinance their property after one or two adjustments. 

Therefore, it’s a good time to refinance if you are looking to act sooner because the rates drop low.

30-year fixed-rate jumbo

Jumbo mortgages are for individuals who require a principal amount greater than the minimum amount. Suppose you want to buy a property worth more than $500,000. A jumbo mortgage will help you to purchase it. Similarly, the mortgage rate for a 30-year fixed jumbo is down by five basis points compared to last year. 

Therefore, if you’re looking to purchase a property in the poshest areas, a jumbo loan is what you need. 

Final Verdict

Generally, the rates have been low since last week. It’s an excellent sign because the rates give a signal that there is a great opportunity to lock in the rates. The experts suggest that inflation is temporary for a short period; what if it increases long-term? Similarly, what if the bond rates rise quickly in the near future?

All these actions would definitely cause the mortgages to rise. Also, while it may seem that rates are low, it doesn’t mean that it’s a good time to lock in—the sole reason being the massive home prices, primarily due to high demand and low capacity. Therefore, the opportunity is promising for people who already have a property and are looking for refinancing.

The rates might now stagger like this in the future, so why are you wasting the opportunity? Take the benefit right now and avoid regretting it in the future. Get quotes at the rate checker.