Mortgages Rates Today; Stagnant Market

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Thursday, August 26, 2021

The current week is witnessing a swift change in the Mortgages market. Some rates are going up suddenly while also staying the same. Two days earlier, the rates went up, but they were the same as last week. Similarly, the rates fell down today, but they are higher or the same since last week.

The behavior suggests a very unusual behavior, and the rates are remaining stagnant. According to Bank rate, the rates for today are as follows:

  • 30-year fixed mortgage rate: 3.030% for home purchase and 3.020% for refinance
  • 15-year fixed mortgage rate: 2.330% for home purchase and 2.330% for refinance
  • 5/1 ARM: 2.800% for home purchase and 2.730% for refinance
  • 30-year fixed-rate jumbo mortgage rate: 3.050% for home purchase and 3.030% for refinance

What is the trendline of mortgage rates?

30-year fixed-rate mortgage rate

Since yesterday, the rates are lower by two basis points. However, the rates are still high than last week by one basis point. The underlying reasons for the unusual behavior of the rates are due to uncertain situations of the economy. Moreover, the cancellation of the Jackson Hole Economic event signifies that COVID is still on the rise.

Therefore, the rates are fluctuating. Similarly, the refinance rates are higher by two basis points since last week, making it more difficult for homeowners to reduce their bills.

15-year fixed-rate mortgage rate

Since yesterday, the rates are down by two basis points, while they are also higher by two basis points since the last week. On the other hand, the mortgage refinancing rates are up by around four basis points since last week, signaling a rise in monthly payments. You’ll have to pay around $384 for every $100,000 on a 15-year mortgage.

5/1 ARM

5/1 ARMs are quite stagnant for a few weeks. The rate is flickering by at most one basis point for few weeks, showing no change. At the current rate, you’ll pay around $409 for every $100,000.

30-year fixed-rate Jumbo Mortgage

Since yesterday, the rates are down by two basis points, while they are higher by a similar amount than last week.

Final Verdict

For some time, it looks like mortgage rates will flicker up and down by few points until they start to rise again. Nevertheless, it’s never a bad idea to take advantage of these rates while they are still low. You can find customized quotes at The Rate Checker and start living in your dream house.