What are the Current Trends in Mortgage Rates?

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Current Trends in Mortgage Rates Average

Friday’s even bigger jump overshadowed Thursday’s jump in 30-year rates, and now Monday has outdone both with an even bigger thud, raising the average by 31 basis points. The current trends in mortgage rates have average, at 6.23 %, which is nearly a half %age point higher than the 5.76 % peak on May 2 and is the highest since November 2008.

  • 15-year loan rates also rose on Monday, rising 34 basis points to 5.28 %. 15-year rates, like 30-year loans, recently hit their highest point in 13 years at the beginning of May, but today’s surge has pushed them above that 5.16 % mark.
  • Meanwhile, 30-year Jumbo rates rose a quarter %age point to 5.32 % on Monday. It’s the first time since 2011 that the Jumbo 30-year average has surpassed 5%.
  • Mortgage averages soared through early May after a major rate drop last summer but then fell for the rest of the month. The 30-year average is now 3.34 %age points higher than in August 2021, when it was 2.89 %.
  • The 15-year and Jumbo 30-year averages, for their part, are current trends in mortgage rates at 3.07 and 2.26 %age points higher than their August valleys, respectively.

The 30-year refinance average increased 32 points, the 15-year average increased 38 points, and Jumbo’s 30-year refinance current trends in mortgage rates increased 25 points on Monday. A fixed-rate loan is four to 35 points more expensive to refinance than a new purchase loan.

Mortgage rates are following the low trend, as the title suggests. For the past few weeks, this has been the case. This argument is based on several factors, including lender competition and an unusual increase in home prices. Without further ado, here are current trends in mortgage rates according to today’s interest rates:

  • 3.130 % for home purchases and 3.210 % for refinances on 30-year mortgages
  • For a home purchase, the 15-year mortgage rate is 2.430 %, and for a refinance, the rate is 2.500 %.
  • A mortgage with a 5/1 ARM: 3.330 % for home purchase and 3.000 % for refinancing
  • 3.140 % for home purchases and 3.220 % for refinances on 30-year jumbo mortgages

These are the current trends of mortgage rates as of today, according to bank rates. Compared to yesterday’s or last week’s rates, they haven’t changed much. While yesterday’s rates fluctuated with those of the previous week, today’s rates are unchanged. When compared to the previous week, the current trends in mortgage refinance rates have remained unchanged.

As a result, refinancing or purchasing properties at a low rate is still a better deal.

Current Trends in Mortgage Rates

Will Interest Rates Remain Low in current trends in mortgage rates?

The current trends in mortgage rates say that rates are low. In fact, for the majority of 2021, the rates have been hovering around 3%. Many experts and Freddie Mac executives, on the other hand, predict that rates will rise in the coming month.

There are several factors at play right now that support this assertion. To begin with, the US economy is beginning to recover, causing the rate to rise. Inflation has been on the rise.

According to financial experts, increased consumer spending will boost the economy’s GDP. As a result, positive inflation will rise in tandem with increased spending. This will impact mortgage current trends in mortgage rates, which are expected to rise as a result of all of this.

While current trends in mortgage rates say that rates are expected to rise in the coming months, they may not reach higher levels for the rest of the year. The development of COVID vaccines, which will cause the growth to increase, is the reason for the high economic growth.


Even though interest rates are low, now may not be the best time to buy a home. What is the reason for this? The most fundamental reason is that home prices have risen dramatically. As a result, even if you secure a low-interest loan, how will you pay for the large purchase price?

Plan and calculate what you can afford before taking out any loan. You might end up in a bad deal if you don’t plan, and you’ll be in debt for a long time.

Because rates are generally lower, now is the best time to refinance. Instead of the purchase price, refinancing will get you a better mortgage deal.

So now you have checked the current trends in mortgage rates, what exactly are you waiting for?

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